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Become a Free Spirit

Ved Keshav
We want to fly on our quest for the truth, but are held down by the chains of our faith. Once we break those shackles we will be free to fly.
The first truth was in the Bhagavad Gita 18:65 ‘Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender to Me.’
The footsteps you followed have disappeared. But you are not alone. Your creator is walking with you. You have no burden of dogma and religion.
Leave your past behind. It was a parachute, which brought you down to earth. But God is now holding your hand, and making you fly.
It's not easy to fly. So just close your eyes and let God guide you. Feel the presence of God and with your minds eye you will see your spirit.
Compassion for all life makes a soft pilllow in your heart for God to sit by you. Nothing should die to feed you.
By the Grace of the Creator, if you possess the attributes of humility, simplicity, charity and servitude, you will realize your true self.
I am an old soul who has searched for the truth on a journey of many lifetimes. The circle is now closing as I return to the eternal essence within me. Let me share it with you.
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