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Lessons Kids can Learn from Bible Stories

Poushali Ganguly Mar 5, 2020
The Bible is replete with different stories that can teach kids about various virtues. Know more about the various lessons children can learn from Bible stories from the following story.
The concept of having God and religious books is to provide a guidance to ordinary men who get wavered very easily by the pleasures of the world. It is to stick to truth and honesty and everything which is right. From the time we gain senses to know and understand the difference between right and wrong, sometimes even prior to that, our families start telling us stories about how the good is always rewarded and the bad is always punished.
The gist of all stories for children is to form their basic character on which they would base their judgment of good and bad. And Bible states stories wherein there are ordinary people who commit mistakes and then rectify themselves. So, by these stories, kids are taught to be on the right path always, and even if they do divert, they should bring them back on it. These stories teach the grace of God, which increase the children's faith in him.

Noah's Ark

This story would teach children that obedience is a virtue that always brings good results. It also teaches that there might be people who do what is wrong but that does not mean that we also become a part of the gang.

The Story of Abraham

This story would teach faith and blind trust on God who at times tests our faith in him by giving us bad times as he did with Abraham. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, which Abraham was ready to do but God did not let him do that. He was only testing Abraham's dedication and faith towards God.

The Story of Joseph

The story of Joseph is also important since it says that even if one is young, one can do great things and it just needs wisdom and faith in God. It reiterates the value of faith in God during bad times. It teaches that life at times doesn't seem fair and we feel God is not with us but everything is planned and he does everything for our betterment.

The Story of Moses

This is the story of Moses who was no at all willing to accomplish the task that God thought for him, because he did not have faith in himself. Being an ordinary shepherd, he considered himself too petty for a task like saving the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharaoh. However, God had trust in him and he was the chosen one.
So in spite of Moses being a person who always complained was not perfect at all, God chose him for this because he was an ardent follower of him. This would teach the kids that though we are not capable of few things, with God's help, we can accomplish tasks which are beyond our abilities.

The Story Of Christmas

The story of Christmas is the most important thing in the whole text of Bible and the prime lesson for the kids. It teaches how God sent his son on earth to redeem the mere mortals from being perished forever. It teaches the lesson that God's grace has no limit, and he can forgive our sins if we are truly repentant and would not repeat the same mistake again.
The above mentioned are only a few of the numerous Bible Stories for kids, but all of them have a lesson to be learned, remembered, and followed in life.