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Bible Trivia Games

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 17, 2020
Bible trivia games are a fun way to teach kids and youngsters religious studies. Here we cover some interesting games that you can use as an alternative to traditional teaching methods.
The best way to make a child learn is through play. When one begins teaching religious texts, it tends to be very boring and mundane. However, in order to make things interesting, one can try a few trivia games. These games help break monotonous religious classes into a more participatory atmosphere.

Bible Trivia Games for Kids

Parents send their kids to Vacation Bible School to learn about God and his teachings about love and goodness. In order to make the young minds learn about God and all his preaching, one can make use of games. This is the best way to make children look for answers and understand the basic principle behind the teachings.

Inspiring Bible Verses

This is an interesting game that is targeted for children in the age group of 7 to 11 years. In this game, you need to write a good Bible verse on the board. Under the verse you need to draw a maze and the end of the maze draw a heart. Cover up the maze using a newspaper or towel till you begin the game.
Before you begin, make the children recite the verse on the board many times. Once you feel the kids have learned most of the words in the maze, begin to remove several words from the verse. In place of the missing word, draw a line. Then remove the newspaper or towel from the maze. You should ask the children to fill in the missing words one by one.
If they give a correct answer, you need to ask them which direction do they want to move in the maze. As they give an answer, continue drawing a path towards the heart in the maze. By the end, you will have reached the heart. In conclusion, explain to the kids that they need to keep the motivational verses and a word of God in their hearts.

First Come First

This is a fun-filled and easy game for kids. You need to bring the kids to a school hall or meeting room of the church. Ask all the children to occupy the last row of the hall or room.
Then, you need to ask each child a question related to the lesson taught in the week. If the child gets it right he moves up to the next row seat. If he gets it wrong, he sits where is seated.
The first child that makes it up to the front row wins. You can add a bit of a twist in this game. The children in the first row can be asked to recite a verse taught in the week. If they do it correctly, they can be asked to get up on the stage and preach. You can even give the kids some gifts, like a small badge that says scholar of the week, etc.

Bible Trivia Games for Youth Groups

It is rather difficult to get the required attention from today's youth for religious studies. The youth is kind of distracted with the world around them. It is very important to create an interest in religious belief, and this can be achieved by trying trivia games for youth groups.

Who Wants to be a Bible Scholar?

This a mini version of the TV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In this game, you need to collect a number of trivia questions. Each contestant is asked multiple questions and the player who is able to answer the most questions wins.

Bible Checkers

This is a version of checkers with a religious twist. Take a checker board and lay out the pieces on it. Then place a stack of questions on cards face down. Each player is asked to draw out a card and ask the question to his opponent.
If the player answers the question right, he can move a piece on the board. If he answers the question wrong, the player who asked the question gets to move his piece instead. The person who wins the board game, wins.
These games create interest in the minds of the students who wish to excel in the quiz or game. This way they improve their religious knowledge, learning a lot about the Bible.