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Biblical View on Angels

Claudia Miclaus
What are angels? What is their duty? You might have seen an angel or been in the presence of one without even knowing it. Let us see what the biblical view on angels is.
Have you ever wondered where angels came from? Have they always been the same as God or are they created beings the same as us?
Somehow we got into our minds, by different forms of media, our parents, that people become angels after death. Where this thought came from can't be understood, it is nice, but not a biblical one; this was never the questions, but to just clarify, these are not glorified humans.

The Bible on Angels

In Hebrews 12:22, Paul makes known to the Christian Hebrews that upon entering God's city the heavenly Jerusalem, one of the groups there is "an innumerable company of angels."
John Gill in his Exposition of the Bible, describes angels as "created spirits, immaterial and immortal; very knowing, and very powerful; and swift to do the will of God;...
...they are holy, and immutably (unchanging or unchangeable) so, being the elect (chosen) of God, and confirmed by Christ: and saints now are brought into a state of friendship with them; and into the same family; and are social worshipers with them; and they have access into heaven, where angels are;...
...and with whom they shall dwell forever: and, in the present state of things, they share the benefit and advantages of their kind offices. Angels have, sometimes been sent to provide food for human beings, to bring healing from God for their diseases;...
...they directed and preserved them on journeys, prevented outward calamities, delivering people out of them, when in danger; restrained the hurtful things and cut off their enemies."

Tasks of Angels

Regarding spiritual things they have, sometimes angels bring God's messages unto the saints; they comfort God's children in their distresses and trials.
It is also they who are sent to set their campus around the righteous people protecting them against Satan, our enemy. The angel is present at their death, and carry their souls to glory; and will gather the saints together, at the last day.
In respect of their number, they are innumerable; The Bible presents them as being the armies of heaven, the host of heaven. Their number is ten thousand times ten thousand, and much more.
Jesus said that children's angels see the face of God every day, so obviously, they are in the presence of God and also minister to people as God commands them. It is amazing to think how holy an angel can be, yet, the Bible tells us that God even finds mistakes in their actions!
God is Holy- this is what characterizes Him and his holiness. Unbelievable, but God's children (Jesus' Christ followers) will judge the angels!
In Luke 20:36 Christ teaches the Sadducees that believers (God's children) will not marry in the world after nor will they die; they will be equal with the angels. Christ is referring to two different groups.
The word angel means a messenger; there are around 108 references in the Old Testament concerning them and 165 references in the New Testament.
In Psalm 148:1-5 David exhorts God's creations to praise him; one of the creations is angels. In verse five, David refers back to all he listed as being created by the commandment of God.

Creation of Angels

In Colossians 1:16-17 Paul states "by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist."
It is very possible that God created these beings between the time period of his creation of the heavens and the earth; in Job chapters 37, Job challenges the Lord and in chapter 38 the Lord meets his challenge from a whirlwind. He asks Job where he was when He "laid the foundations of the earth? When the sons of God (angels) shouted for joy?"
It seems their creation occurred at one time; none are being added to those God created, nor are they being subtracted through the action of death or through any other form of extinction. They do not increase nor do they decrease.
When we think of them, we give them human bodies with wings picturing their appearance in the Old Testament. Hebrews 1:14 describes them as "ministering spirits".
In Luke 24:37-39, our risen Lord reveals himself to eleven of his apostles and two others. In verse 37 Luke records that "they were terrified and frightened, and supposed that they had seen a spirit." Christ tells them to look at his hands and his feet, touch him; a spirit does not have "flesh and bones".
However, angels can take on the appearance of man. In Hebrews 13:2, Paul warns "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." Next time when you have a stranger in your house remember that! One never knows.
May God protect you, may his angels surround you and bring all God's blessings upon you!