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Faith: The Power Behind Prayer

Chesley Maldonado
Many people wonder why their prayers are not answered. It could be a matter of faith.
Prayer is a common practice. The world prays to God. Some people pray daily, and others only pray when they are in difficulty. Some pray as a last resort. Some have seen miraculous answers, while some feel as though they were not heard.
Why is that? While it may not be the only reason, faith is an important factor in prayer.Have you, or someone you know ever tried prayer and just felt that it didn't work, or that you were just ignored? You are not alone, because many people have felt that way.
The approach to the prayer can make all the difference. Was the prayer prayed in faith? Or was it prayed in fear and doubt? Faith is the key ingredient to an effective prayer. It isn't a science, but it is a matter of spiritual principal.

What Praying in Faith is Not...

Praying in faith is not simply believing that God exists. It is not begging God, or bargaining with Him. For example, a faith filled prayer would not sound like, "Please, God, I really, really need this, God, PLEASE!" It also doesn't sound like, "If you do this for me, I will do this for you."
Praying is not testing a prayer to see if it works. You shouldn't approach God with a backup plan in mind just in case He doesn't come through for you.
Praying is not a gamble. It is not a matter of saying the right words in the right way or getting lucky, as you would pick lottery numbers, and hope they win.

Praying is not approaching God in fear or condemnation.
It can't be just reciting Lord's Prayer, because it wasn't intended to be repeated word for word. It was a model for prayer, which includes praise, forgiveness, a respect for God's will, and a request.
That was the example prayer of Jesus, and He prayed what He desired.You need to pray what you desire.

What Praying in Faith IS...

First of all, it is important to understand that God does answer every prayer. If you think of prayer as a request, which is essentially what it is, there are different answers to requests. Sometimes the answer is yes. The answer could also be no.
What people forget is that there is another possible answer, and that is "later." Sometimes the answer is yes, but there is a waiting period before things happen. Knowing this, it is easier to pray in faith, because you understand that God loves you and hears you.
To pray in faith is to know without a doubt that God is real, that He cares about you, and that He is listening to you.

It is to know without a doubt, that if what you are asking for is in His will, it will come to pass.
To pray is to approach God with a respectful confidence. If you have done wrong, you are willing to ask forgiveness, and come into obedience of His will. With a clear conscience, you can approach God with an understanding in your heart that you are in good standing with Him.
To pray in faith is to believe that prayer is powerful and effective. While you may not see the direct outcome of your prayer, you know that the fact that you prayed will change something.
To pray is to be open and honest with God. Pray what you mean from your heart, because God knows your secrets anyway. The honest communication will free you, and create a bond with Him.
To pray in faith is to trust that God is wise, and that He will answer your prayer with ultimate wisdom. Remember, the answer can be yes, no, or not yet.
This is not a recipe to get whatever you want out of God. This is the proper approach to communicating with Him. Praying in faith is an exercise to grow spiritually. God is listening, and he does care.