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Fun Games for Sunday School

Charlie S Aug 10, 2020
Teaching kids about the Bible can be made easier with the help of some games. In addition to learning, kids also get a little bit of entertainment, which helps in retaining their attention span.
The main aim behind having games for Sunday school is to promote the good and vital teachings of Christianity. Sunday schools are a good blend of traditional precious values and entertainment. The lessons are very interactive and they do the task of imparting good values.
The response has been incredible and is continuously getting better as the young generation is becoming more and more practical in thinking, and mature. Here are some games which you can introduce for the benefit of all students.

Interesting Bible Board Games

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible game is one of the most popular Bible games, in which players have to color the fruits on the fruit sheet and answer the asked questions correctly. The one who succeeds most of the time is naturally the winner in the game.
In the Dinosaur Bible Verse Review Game, contestants are supposed to collect one out of the six dinosaur print colors and read the verses of the Bible on them. First of all, you will have to throw a dice and move the dinosaur accordingly, either forward or backward on the basis of the number on the dice.
The winner in this game will be the player who is able to collect all the six prints and clearly reads the verses before others. The Guess It Right game involves one child standing in front of the class with a card in his hand and other children asking him questions to identify the person.
If one child gives the wrong answer, then the next one is given the opportunity. The one who guesses it correctly is the winner in this contest. There is another dice game in which children throw the dice and move the number of places as on the dice. The aim is to color all the fourteen spaces and the one who does it first is declared as the winner.

Bible Memory Games

The Christmas Dreidel Bible Verse Memory Game is the best Bible memory game. In this game, each child has to spin the dreidel when his/her turn comes. Once the dreidel stops rotating, note the word on the top of the dreidel, then find the card from the bowl matching to it, and then place it on the table. 
The card will not be given if any of the participants spin the dreidel and the same word appears which the player had got previously. The participant who gets all four cards and recites the verses wins the game.
In Star Wars Bible Verse Review Game, cards are given out to all the children taking part in the activity. Then, the teachers ask the children to make two rows and sit comfortably.
Then, two of the sitting children have to place their cards on the table simultaneously. The one who has a higher card among the two cards placed will win both the cards as per the rules of the game.
The card winner is expected to read out the part of the Bible verse, which is on the highest line clearly in front of all the present people, and then sit at the back of the line. This game should be played till only one child is left, as the children who lose their cards will be sitting apart.