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Have You Experimented Despair?

Claudia Miclaus
Have you ever been at your wits end? If you have, (we all get there at one point or another) then how did you behave, and what did you do? Asking for help and wisdom from God is crucial in those moments...
What is despair after all? The definition of the dictionary describes it as such: despair is to lose all hope, to be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat, the complete loss of hope.
Sitting powerless on your sofa envisioning the worst scenario crying for help, or maybe without even crying, just whispering for help. People have been there, and have done that, somehow God finds a way to bring them out every time - it did happen seldom but when it came, it was pretty painful.
It was then when one learns that it is no use to fear, God is there with you in your most desperate circumstance, and however, it is in that low valley when people discover that it was not that unbearable because they receive grace to go through the tough moments. Some, indeed had the favor to know to ask God for help but if you want, you all can do that.
The question is why do we even get there if we trust God? Well, we'll surely be tested, not because God doesn't know where we stand, but we ourselves often times think we're higher than we really are. Especially when you think you heard from God to do something, you have a vision to fulfil and you know it is from God but things do not happen as you expected.
It is like that example in the Bible where Jesus told His disciples to go on the other side of the lake. That was easy but from one side to the other of that lake the hurricane hit and they were afraid for their lives. It is no fun to be on the water in a storm of hurricane proportions.
However, what is Jesus' response at their fear? He said: "Where is your faith?" (Luke 8:25) Afterwards Christ rebuked the sea and the wind and there was a great calm. All were astonished to see His authority over the storm.
Ever wonder what would Jesus ask you in your storm? Is it possible to ask the same thing He asked the disciples? I'm afraid so: "Your name here... where is your faith?" Why didn't Jesus tell the disciples that they would have to go through a great storm but they will be all right?
He only told them to go to the other side, that's all. Why did not He mention this detail? Is it possible to have been to teach them to trust Him? We find however in the New Testament places where the Holy Spirit told Jesus' apostles that there are coming trials and hardships as they were going from place to place proclaiming the Gospel.
So the Holy Spirit in us may warn us that there are certain storms ahead and we will have the victory but many times this is bad news for us, when instead, the Bible says that we should regard as a great joy to have to pass trough tests and different kinds of trials.
Well... there is a lot of room to grow in that area isn't it? Until we become as Christ was, that is calm in the storm, we probably need to see several storms pass away trough the power of God so that our faith maybe strengthen, that we may come up higher and the next time we do better.
If God Himself asked you what is that you want - as He asked Solomon - what would you ask for? Solomon asked for wisdom; to have great wisdom in great storms in the most wonderful blessing because once the storm is over, you will have made the right decision and afterwards you will eat the sweet fruit of your correct choice.
It is imperative to ask for wisdom in life's storms! Also remember that even if God did not give you all the details, He is faithful to get you to the other side and you will learn to trust Him more.
Do you remember how Abraham trusted God? God asked him to leave the country (promising Abraham a great future) without telling him where he will end up living. Could we ever do something like that, take your family and go, not really knowing where?
We spend more time than we realize in our mind, trying to control everything trying to find an explanation for all the things that happen to us but often we don't even have the right explanation anyway. Trusting God brings a lot of peace in our lives and this is a level where God wants to bring us, He desires for us to grow spiritually as much as Christ did.
To conclude with, despair is a deep steep valley that will bring you to new levels of peace and joy if you ask God for strength. Just as many people who've already experienced, you can also say that - "What does not kill you makes you stronger!" It is true!