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How to Decide Which Church to Join

Buzzle Staff Mar 8, 2020
Finding the right church can bring a great deal of fulfillment in your life. If you're looking for a new worship community, follow these steps to choosing one that will match your lifestyle.
Church is an important part of life for Christians around the world and diversity of churches that have been established is astounding. From non-denominational to Catholic to Baptist and everything in between, today's churches cover a wide spectrum from conservative to more liberal.
The number of options before you may make picking the right church a bit challenging, but with the right approach you can narrow down your options and settle into your new worship community. Keep these tips in mind as you search for house of worship.

Look for a Church that Aligns with Your Personal Values and Beliefs

With diverse collection of churches, it's natural that the teachings they share are varied. Some churches adhere strictly to the teachings of the Bible, while others are more loosely based on the values rather than the narrative.
When researching your options, think about what you believe, and then try to find a church that matches these beliefs.
A great way to get to know the ideas that churches hold is to visit their websites and talk to the people within their communities. If you have friends who love their churches, this is the perfect place to start your search!

Seek Out a Church that Provides the Right Level of Community

In terms of community, people certainly want different levels of commitment. Some churches offer a high degree of community, and their members meet multiple times per week.
These are churches where kids grow up best friends with the kids in their Sunday School classes, and parents support one another through the challenges and triumphs of child rearing.
Churches offering less intense sense of community provide the support members need, but offer flexibility for busy families, as they have fewer meetings and activities. No matter what community you're looking for, you can find a church that offers the commitment that you want.

Select a Church Based on Your Way of Worship

Worship is expressing gratitude to god for the blessings one has received. Try to choose a church where you can offer services to god in the way you prefer.
There are churches which offer different ways of worship like traditional, contemporary, etc. Join one which offers your style of worship.

Try to Find a House of Worship Conveniently Located

Choosing your church based on location may seem a bit superficial at first glance, but it's a realistic approach. If you go to a church that's too far away, odds are you'll find plenty of reasons not to attend on Sunday.
A church that's located near your home is easier to attend, as it'll take less time to get there and you will feel more motivated to go. This is particularly important if you choose a church that holds multiple meetings per week, as a busy schedule won't allow for a longer mid-week commute.
Finding the right church is something that takes time. You may be lucky enough to love the first church you try, but chances are that you'll have to visit a few before you find the one that you're looking for.
Just remember to be patient, you'll find the perfect place for your family in good time! By keeping these tips in mind, you can cut down the amount of time that this takes.