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LaVeyan Satanism Vs. Theistic Satanism

Mary Anthony
Satanism practitioners believe upon the true transformation of the soul through power meditation. For some, Satan is a state of philosophical well-being while for others he is a powerful entity that exists. This story differentiates the belief systems of LaVeyan Satanism Vs. Theistic Satanism.

"A Satanist is born, not made"

Satanists adhere to the above phrase and believe that one cannot be forced into Satanism it's an inborn nature, if you are not naturally inclined towards Satanism you're not a Satanist.

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Satanism is a collective form of ideologies followed by individuals who want to possess inherent power through self-worship and is divided into various branches of Satanism that consists of respective beliefs and worship system. The basic commonality in Satanism is publicity of self.
Satanists believe that the only existence they will ever know is here on earth, hence this creed conceives in living for the moment.
Satanism pledges its dedication to Satan, Satanists, however have their own perspectives on what a Satan exemplifies. In unity satanists believe 'Satan' symbolizes the rebellious qualities of mankind such as pride, ambition, and seeking knowledge and hence these traits are considered and nurtured as positive identification among them.
Given below are the differences between the LeVayen satanism sect and the Theistic satanism sect.


LaVeyan Satanism: Is an atheist religious philosophy that believes in individualism, pursuit of pleasure, materialism, ego, personal initiative, self-worth and self-determinism. They also believe that Satan is a myth and symbol of rebellion within us.
Theistic Satanism: Is a religious belief system that truly believes in the existence of Satan and worship him as a revered deity.

Origin & History

LaVeyan Satanism

Anton Szandor LaVey is known as the founder of the Church of Satan. He was born as Howard Stanton Levey on 11th April, 1930 in Chicago Illinois. After a brief career in circus and dabbling with paranormal research as well as lecturing about occult sciences he founded a group called the Order of the Trapezoid, which later developed into the governing body of the Church of Satan.
◆ On Walpurgis Night of 30th April, 1966 (in German folklore 'Walpurgisnacht' is the supposed night when witches ritualistically commune on the highest peak of the Harz Mountains) Anton LaVey symbolically shaved his head and founded the Church of Satan by proclaiming the year as Anno Satanas-the first year of the Age of Satan.
◆ He garnered worldwide attention for satanically performing the wedding rituals of radical journalist John Raymond to New York socialite Judith Case on 1st February, 1967. He also performed satanic funerals, black masses, and satanic baptism of his 3-yr old daughter Zeena.
◆ The core precepts of Satanism are expressed through his collection of essays, rituals, and observations which are conjointly known as the Satanic Bible which was published in 1971. This authoritative text is divided into four books: The Book of Satan, The Book of Lucifer, The Book of Belial, and The Book of Leviathan.
◆ The Book of Satan questions major Christianity beliefs, The Book of Lucifer contains philosophical insights about the religion, The Book of Belial contains rituals and guide for satanic practices, and The Book of Leviathan contains prayers to Satan.
◆ He authored many other books including The Compleat Witch or the Satanic Witch re-published in 1989. It's a book that discusses magic, manipulating people, and fulfillment of desired goals. The Satanic Rituals published in 1972, the book contains an extensive collection of rituals from all around the world.
The Devil's Notebook published in 1992 and Satan Speaks published in 1998 contain humorous anecdotes and insightful teachings.
◆ His 'Black House' a Victorian-styled house on California Street in San Francisco's Richmond district proved to be the headquarters of the religion until his death.
◆ Anton LaVey died of pulmonary edema on 29th October, 1997. After his death his final companion, Blanche Barton succeeded him as the Head of the Church of Satan, in 2001.
She disposed this position to Peter H. Gilmore, who currently holds the position and has been a long-time member of the Council of Nine. The Church of Satan is officially recognized by the Government of America and the military.

Theistic Satanism

Traditional Satanism, Spiritual Satanism or Devil Worship are the different names given to the theistic system of beliefs. This type of satanism existed from the pagan times and has been passed on from generation to generation with the primary belief that Satan is an actual deity to be worshiped.
Members of the Ordo Flammeus Serpens (OFS), a group that reveres demons claim that this religion has been a family tradition for ages, thus making it an oldest form of religion.

LaVeyan Satanism Beliefs & Rituals

The Church of Satan does not ritualistically get involved in human or child sacrifices, sexual violence, and animal sacrifices. Ceremonies of black mass, baptism, marriage, and funerals are conducted by the High Priest/Priestess. They observe Yule, Halloween, and Walpurgisnacht as traditional holidays. The following are its spiritual beliefs.

The Eleven Satanic Rules

★ Never give anyone your opinion unless asked.
★ Never discuss your troubles with others unless there is willingness to listen.
★ Respect others property.
★ If a guest annoys you without any reason treat them badly.
★ Never make sexual advances unless given a signal of approval.
★ Do not take others property unless given.
★ Respect the power of magic and revere it if used, if not revered all that you received will be taken.
★ Never complain about trivial matters.
★ Never harm children.
★ Never harm animals.
★ Never bother people in an open territory. If bothered request the person to stop, if not then destroy him.

Nine Satanic Sins Explained

★ Stupidity: Satanists must refrain themselves from acting and following stupidity projected in the world.

★ Pretentiousness: Individuals must refrain from being fake.

★ Solipsism: Satanists must adhere to the rule 'Do unto others as they do to you' and stop expecting others to be good to them as they are to others.
★ Self-deceit: Never fall victim to false beliefs.

★ Herd Conformity: Never allow anyone to dictate your life, be your own master and avoid the herd mentality.

★ Lack of Perspective: Have visions and goals about life and pursue who you want to be without losing sight of personal existence and living in the moment.
★ Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies: Avoid being brainwashed into believing new ideologies and dogmas.

★ Counterproductive Pride: Compromise only if it's a necessity without injuring your personal pride.
★ Lack of Aesthetics: Satanists must always strive to look beautiful and appeasing without conforming to the society standards of beauty and appreciation, they must learn to value themselves.

Nine Satanic Statements Explained

★ Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!
In Satanism one does not need to deny worldly pleasures as preached by the other religions.

★ Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams!
Truth is in the present rather than the projected belief of an eternal life.
★ Satan represents undefined wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!
Question everything, avoid following dogmas.

★ Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!
Be kind to those who behave kindly with you, avoid people who waste your time and energy.
★ Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!
If someone harms you and you remain action-less there are chances that the bad deed against you will be repeated. Take revenge to let people who harm you know that you cannot be destroyed by their actions.
★ Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires!
Real power must rest in the hands of those who deserve it and know its responsibility.
★ Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all!
Humanity though being superior to other creatures is far more violent than those who prey in the jungles.
★ Satan represents all the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!
Learning from your mistakes and not repeating it again is the essence of Satanism rather than begging for forgiveness.
★ Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!
This last statement is the mockery of the other religious dogmas followed in the world. If people had no fear there would be no religion.

Theistic Satanism Beliefs & Rituals

Theistic Satanism is the customary recognition of Satan as a spiritual being. Through Theistic Satanism, the Satanist acknowledges, feels, and conceives that Satan exists as a god-form, a deity.
The followers of this religion are known as 'traditional satanists', 'devil-worshipers', and 'spiritual satanists', they are practitioners of magic and the ancient science of occult. Given below are some of the common beliefs.
★ Satan is a real spiritual entity to be served as God.

★ Satan demands that we think for ourselves, question all things, be firm individuals, face down our concerns, be creatively productive, and attain our goals.

★ Satan promotes freedom of thought, material success, and self-knowledge.
★ Most theistic satanists consider that Satan does not dictate a system of morality or anti-morality; instead humans hold the key to their existence and destiny by their actions, choices and by being true to oneself.

★ Satanists are responsible for their actions, and must adhere to the laws of the land that they belong.
★ Theistic Satanists are not tied down by theologies, ideologies, or dogma instead they are monotheistic, duo-theistic, polytheistic, pantheistic, or deistic. The real truth and knowledge to understand Satan is probably beyond human understanding.
While these two sects focus on the same entity or energy their execution of faith is completely individualized. It's basically a face-off between the carnal, rebellious, and materialistic Satan vs. the enlightened and spiritual God-like being.