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On Beauty

Claudia Miclaus
"Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man." - (Fyodor Dostoevsky). Discover thoughts about real beauty and what it means.
How can we define beauty? What makes someone beautiful, and others seem less attractive compared to him/her? Some say the famous cliché that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Indeed, it may be so; still we all know there are certain very well-defined criteria according to which people label other people, measuring their physical qualities.
But if we are to admit that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder, are we then to say that everything and everyone is beautiful? This may not be right, because each of us has his/her own opinion regarding beauty and what makes us beautiful, and because of that ideas and points of view are likely to vary a lot.
Beauty may be determined by the media, by movies and music videos, society in general, magazines, and so on and so forth. Also, the majority may have the final word, if we are to take into account the beauty contests (which may not always be fair, by the way). This is how it may function, in fact.
If we hear long enough about someone being beautiful, if everybody is saying that, then that person is highly probable to become beautiful to our own eyes. Pop culture can indeed brainwash most of the human minds. But then, how can we define beauty, if that is indeed possible?
Basically, there are two types of beauty: physical and spiritual. Physical beauty can be therefore quite subjective and superficial. Thus, it can be obtained through artificial means such as plastic surgery, through cosmetic or diet products, food supplements and it can be created by clothes, and so on.
We could definitely say that even if one is not born beautiful, that person could obtain gorgeous looks through material means. Money can buy you attractiveness. Because we live in such a superficial society, physical appearance really does play an essential role for one's personal success, and not only for that, but also for social acceptance in general.
We all feel the need to sometimes please our eyes with beautiful creatures and things. Of course, it is very important to take care of ourselves, to be clean and try and look our very best. Because all the human beings on the face of this planet do something in their desire to feel and look beautiful, although it's true that some do more than others.
Many speak of the previously-mentioned natural beauty, but it's true that everyone does at least something to improve one's appearance in a way or another. When we speak of someone else, about his/her accomplishments, health, no matter what the subject is, we most often have to add things like: "but she's really pretty", or other such qualifications.
On the other hand, spiritual beauty can be considered the truest type of beauty as it has to deal with the inner life of individual, with the person's soul and mind. We probably know such people, who radiate by their very own presence, giving us a sense of calmness, tranquility, whose inner beauty shines more than that of merely physically beautiful people.
This inner beauty can be obtained with the help of God, by searching Him more than any other things in this world. The knowledge of His divine protection can make someone feel confident and positive, together with the desire to turn good, to be good to others and try not to upset anyone with any egotistical attitude.
It can make someone feel sorry for their evil behavior and accept God's forgiveness and mercy. The thing is, in this search for spiritual beauty one can feel very good, and want to take more care of one's general health and not only.
Furthermore, physical beauty will cease to be a priority, and because of that, one is likely to become even more attractive, without even knowing or intending it. And yes, if we are preoccupied with both sides of beauty-physical and spiritual-we may indeed attract people in our lives who share our view on beauty.
Beauty in indeed deeply connected with a godly character. Without a beautiful character, how can one be beautiful? Would you fool yourself enough to believe that you could spend a lifetime with superficial beauty?
It does fade in a few years anyway. As someone was saying, if a woman is not beautiful at 16 it is not her fault, but if she is not beautiful at 60 it is her fault. Beauty and character grow as years pass by and that shows!