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On God's Gender

Chesley Maldonado Jul 22, 2020
Many people have a feminist perspective on the Bible. One of the ideas that are held by many is that the Bible has a gender bias. Read ahead to understand it in details.


If you study languages, or have taken a class in high school, one of the things that the English language does not have is the idea of masculine and feminine words. In Spanish, the word 'friend' can be said amigo or amiga. Amigo means a friend that is a male. Amiga is for a female.
When talking about a group of friends with males,  you should say, amigos and for a group of friends that is female, you would say amigas. A group that has both is addressed as amigos; it means that both genders are in the group. So does that really mean that language is prejudiced against women?

We Are All Created in the Image of God

It is said that "The Lord is fully male and fully female". It sounds complicated, but the creation story in Genesis says that, we are all created in the image of God who is both male and female. If women were also created in the image of God, then that means God is such a complete being that 'He' holds all the characteristics of both men and women.
That is why men and women are so drawn to each other. Christianity does not ignore or put down women by calling God 'Him.' Women are just as much a part of who 'He' is as men are.
Amigos represent male and female just as the 'He' in reference to God encompasses all of that God is. Human language is not complex enough to properly reflect the essence of God, and saying that God is 'He' is simply to tell us that he is both male and female.

What about Jesus, wasn't he a man?

It is true that manifestation of God in human flesh ― Jesus ― was in fact a man. There is no hard evidence to prove the reasons why the Lord chose to represent himself in that way, but 'He' did. One can only speculate, but it could be because man was created first. Jesus is said to be the 'Second Adam', or the beginning of a new birth for humanity.
Since it was a male that initially began the human race with the help of Eve, it only makes sense to begin again with a man. Mary was chosen to assist God is his birth into humanity, so how can you say that God doesn't love women and want them to be in his plans just as much as men?

Women of the Bible

Prominent women of the Bible like Esther, Ruth, John the Baptist's mother Elizabeth, and Jesus' mother Mary, exemplify the strength and beauty of women. They are not ignored, they are not left out of the Bible, and they are not portrayed as weak or inferior to men.
Considering the time period, well before feminist movements and women's rights, these women have honorable mention in the Bible. Entire Bible is dedicated to some of their stories and that says a lot about their importance.
One dispute is that, Eve makes women look evil and God punished them with the menstrual cycle and childbirth because of her. The consequences of sin are not punishments. Disobeying God has negative effects and so, God tells us to do the right thing.
It was not God's intention to get back at human beings for not listening to what 'He' said, the whole idea was for us to avoid the pain of the consequences by trusting 'Him' and listening to 'Him' in the first place. All humans alike live in the world with the choice to do wrong and sometimes, we take that choice, no matter how good you are.
It is not necessary to look at it as an eternal punishment, but a reminder that none of us are perfect. Men and women are different, whether you admit it or not, and have different consequences to deal. We are equal, and God sees us as equal. We are different to some degree, and that doesn't make women inferior. God's intention was never to put women down.
You have to read about the women in the entire Bible before you can conclude that it has a gender bias. You can read, 'Every Woman in the Bible: Everything in the Bible Series' by the Richards. They cite and discuss every she, her, woman, women, wife, and female name that is mentioned.
God loves us all the same whether men and women, young and old. One should not discredit the truth of the Bible for want of women to be equal. Women are equal from God's perspective, and you'll see it if you really look for it in 'His' word.