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Sunday School Activities

Kanika Khara Feb 20, 2020
Sunday school is a ministry that believes in regular study of God's word. It aims in imparting religious education to students through Bible lessons, games, and songs.
Sunday school is an interactive session focusing on the values of Christianity and Holy word.
It is held within the church premises, and can be conducted as picnics, workshops, seminars, and camping. Different activities are performed that help children to learn and understand the Bible teachings in an exciting and fun way. Here are some simple activities, that will help you remember God's word and will.

Bible Books Rapid Fire

This game helps to remember Bible books in a sequential order.

Things Required: A deck of Bible Stack-O! Cards.


1. Shuffle the cards and place them face-down on the table.

2. Each player takes turn to draw four cards from the deck, and arranges them in a sequential order in his hand.
3. As the game starts, the player draws a card from the deck and discards the unwanted card on the discard pile. This should be done in rapid fire, with all players drawing cards and discarding at the same time.

4. A player can also grab cards from the discard pile to better the sequence in his hand.
5. When the player gets four cards in exact sequence, he has to scream, "Stack-O!", lay down the cards on the table, and call out the Bible books in sequential order.

6. The player who wins, gets a letter from the word Bible. The first player to spell out Bible, wins the game.

Amazing Verse

This game serves in memorizing the Bible verse and absorbing the word of God in our hearts.

Things Required: Whiteboard, chalkboard and a piece of cloth.
Preparation: On the board, write the Bible verse, that you would like to review. Draw a maze under the verse, and a heart at the finishing point of it. Until you begin the activity, cover the maze with a cloth or newspaper.


1. Let the children recite the verse till they are comfortable with it, and then remove some words from it.

2. Draw a line as a placeholder for each removed word. Uncover the maze, and ask the children to raise their hands if they know one of the missing words.
3. For each correct answer they can choose the direction to go in the maze. Depending upon the difficulty of the maze and the length of the verse, you can vary the difficulty of this game.

4. When they reach the end of the maze, tell them that the heart at the end represents our heart, where we should keep God's word forever.


This game assists children to know what behavior is Godly or sinful, and teaches them that to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to repent for our sins.

Things Required: Index cards, basket, chair for a throne and crown (optional).
Preparation: Write down words like kindness, gentleness, friendly, patience, compassion and forgiveness on index cards. One word should be on each card, and place them in a basket. Now, select one child as the king and make him sit on the chair (throne). The king should be wise and know the meanings of the words as well.


1. Once you have selected the king, the remaining kids can line up in front of the king, and draw one card from the basket.

2. Each kid has to come up with some situation that describes the word in their card. For example, if the word is caring, then he can give a situation like, 'My mother was sick, and I helped her by cleaning the house.'
3. If the king agrees to that situation, he will let him enter the kingdom, saying, "Please enter my kingdom", otherwise the child will have to go back and try again.

4. The kingdom in this game resembles heaven but it is not, as heaven is a wonderful gift, and you can receive it only by incurring Jesus in your heart.

Battle of Knowledge

This game helps to know, how well we remember the Bible lessons.

Things Required: Masking tape, beanbag, 1 piece red construction paper, 1 piece black construction paper, and 16 review questions.
Preparation: Create 16 review questions based on Bible lessons. Cut out eight red and black circles. Make a sixteen-sectioned grid on the floor with the masking tape. The grid should be four sections wide by four sections deep, and equal in size. Divide the children in two teams.


1. To win the game, each team should get four circles in a row.

2. Turn by turn, each team throws the beanbag into an unoccupied square of the grid, and gets a chance to answer a question.
3. If the team answers the question correctly, they put one of their circles in that square and if they get it wrong, the other team gets a chance to answer the same question.

4. If the other team answers correctly, they put one of their circles in the square. Once a circle is in the square, it cannot be removed.
5. Team members can work together to answer the question, but each one should take turn in throwing the beanbag.

6. If neither team gets four circles in a row, the game ends in a draw.

Hot Bricks

This game enables the kids to memorize the Ten Commandments.

Things Required: A toy and music.
Directions: The kids have to sit in a big circle and pass the toy, as the music plays. When the music stops, the person who's holding the toy has to state one of the ten commandments. If he cannot remember any, he's out of the game.
The idea behind these activities is to spread the Holy word of the Lord and understand the pure virtues of life.