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Sunday School Lessons for Teens

Gaynor Borade
The attempt to take religion beyond the confines of the Holy Word has blossomed in the form of Youth Congregations and the good old Sunday School.
The earliest Sunday School classes were organized and conducted by the missionaries and priests or nuns. However, in time, the congregation was given a chance to volunteer and share lessons from experience. Christianity is credited with being one of the first religions to address the need for channeling the energies of the youth.

Sunday School for Kids

Sunday School for kids involves Bible Reading, understanding the Bible codes, coloring, story telling competitions, refresher courses in lessons, and learn to qualify for the sacrament of Communion and a number of indoor and outdoor activities directed towards enriching the spirit of togetherness.
Sunday School is a practice that follows the sacrament of Holy Communion. Once a child is officially recognized as 'Christian' or 'follower of Christ', every effort is then made to ensure that the little one is educated to lead a morally uplifting life. This effort finds expression in Sunday School.
The Christian Missionary schools used to be the venue for the class. But, today, the church allots areas to conduct the classes, keeping in mind that the kids and teens can be best assimilated for the lessons after Holy Sunday Mass.

Sunday School for Teenagers

Sunday School for teens include activities viz. games, debates, elocution, tutorials for homeschooling curriculum, etc. The endeavor is driven towards ensuring that the teenagers retain and maintain emotional and mental equilibrium through the difficult modern times.
Sunday School lessons are directed towards instilling the values and principles on which Christianity is extolled as a 'way of life'. The rostrum identifies the youth as the future and endeavors to light the path to life of virtue and peace.
In sync with the needs of the youth and power of peer pressure during the impressionable age, Sunday School for teenagers now comprises a number of outdoor activities like picnics and inter-cultural communication. Interaction and creativity are the key components of the classes held every Sunday.
The teens are also allowed to identify and discuss jobs for teens and related vocational decisions with counselors who volunteer services.
Parables from the Bible are converted into themes for on-act plays and recitals. The groups are encouraged to volunteer for leadership, to propel the younger members of the congregation. This platform is planned to be sound in doctrine and practical in approach, to appeal to the modern teen.
Teens of today are very vulnerable to a number of vices that have raised their ugly heads.
Role of the Bible in Sunday School
The impact and effect of peer pressure tells of tales that are full of domestic violence. It is true that a healthy youth population indicates future progress. Christianity uses the Sunday School forum to address the need of the hour and spell out essentials to these vital segments of society.

Sunday School Lessons Addresses

Issues like the importance of sex education and the effect of extramarital affairs on family life, as practical lessons. This is done with the intent to ensure that the development of every member of this congregation is empowered with a healthy outlook and wider vision.
Activities that propagate and invigorates the Christian spirit are entertained as well. Instilling unquestioning faith in the will of God, the intensity of building and retaining trust, encouraging one to see light in the tunnels of darkness.
Concepts that are, de facto, a rostrum, that enhance the teens' abilities to comprehend how noise plays spoil sport and ruins their relationship with others, God and most importantly, their inner self.
How caring you are toward people you know, can mold your perceptions, how one may tighten one's strings by not viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses and how your behavior, if pulped with discriminatory stances, could be considered incorrigible.
Activities that deal with acknowledging your vices and accepting your demerits are virtual benefactors that shape the teen mind.
Discussion and deliberation are encouraged today, in contradiction to the one-way approach that dictated Sunday School before. The Sunday School practice goes down ages. The revival of the faith and need for a upliftment in ethics and morals were largely responsible for the Sunday School practice.
Initially, like in all other world religions, Christianity also depended a lot on the parables and dedicated Bible Reading. Christianity has come a long way with regards to impositions and one cannot deny that the design behind the practice of Sunday School is 'progress of the world, in the hands of emotionally stable youth'.