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The Ungrateful Scorpion and the Holy Saint

Ved Keshav
A mendicant saint was once walking on a pilgrimage. It was a hot day, and he was thirsty.
He stopped by a river where the water looked cool and refreshing. There were many trees along the river bank.
He cupped his hands to drink some water. But a scorpion fell into the water, from an overhanging branch.
As he scooped up the scorpion, it stung him, and fell back into the water. He picked it up again, but it stung him again.
Being compassionate, he could not let the scorpion drown. So he carried on trying to save it, while it keep stinging him.
When he finally succeeded in saving the scorpion’s life, someone asked him. “ Why did you do that when the scorpion could not appreciate your help?”
The saint answered: “ I acted according to my nature, and the scorpion acted according to his nature.”