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Welcoming, Teaching and Healing: The Ellel Ministries Vision

The Ellel Ministries operates to welcome the people into God's Kingdom and offer healing to those in need.
Buzzle Staff Aug 6, 2020
Peter Horrobin was offered the remains of a vandalized 1933 Alvis sports car in 1970 for a ridiculously low price. A classic car buff, Horrobin could not refuse the deal and he began to restore the car.
These humble circumstances were the beginning seeds of a vision planted in his heart. One night while working on his Alvis, he discovered that the car's chassis was irreparably bent.
While he contemplated what to do about the problem, he felt God spoke to him, saying that although Peter would be able to straighten out the chassis and continue rebuilding the car, only God had the power to straighten out and rebuild the broken lives of people. The message was one that Horrobin would never forget.
Several years later, he was contacted by someone who wanted to help a woman in distress. Upon his arrival, peter soon saw that all the education he had and the experiences he had drawn on in the past were useless in the face of the serious real-life issues the woman was facing.
Praying for guidance, Horrobin received a message from God about the woman's personal situation, and that information was key to beginning to unlock the healing power for her life.
On his way home, he continued to pray and God again spoke clearly and told him that he was supposed to spend the rest of his life bringing the healing power to the people in need, and training other people how to join him in his ministry.
Horrobin knew that the Word of God was unmistakable, so he prayed fervently to understand the Biblical foundation for a healing ministry. He was joined in his prayers by a committed group of like-minded missionaries, and Ellel Ministries was born.
The group believes that Jesus still encourages prayer like He encouraged His disciples to pray: "Your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven." Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational mission organization founded in Christian principles, with a vision to welcome people, instruct them in the teachings of the Kingdom of God, and offer healing to the needy.
The group believes that God rejoices when people learn to live in the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit, and the underlying purpose of their activities is to see the Christian fellowship grow strong and rise together to do the Holy Spirit's work in the Kingdom of God.
In 1986, Horrobin was astounded again by the grace of God in helping him to acquire Ellel Grange, the home for his ministry. He needed nearly half a million pounds to buy the property and felt discouraged. But, as he began to total up the amount of gifts and loans he had available, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.
On one side of the paper, he had listed everything needed for the purchase. On the other side of the paper, he listed all the income he had available. The income amount slightly exceeded the expenditure amount. God had indeed worked a miracle. He purchased the building and began working on growing his ministry.
Over the years, Ellel Ministries has expanded rapidly in response to the increasing needs of healing. It has more than 275 full-time workers in addition to a team of more than 350 volunteers. It serves God around the world by providing schools, courses, retreats, conferences, and church visits.
Each Ellel Ministries' center is designed with a warm family atmosphere to welcome the people of all circumstances. These centers are places where people can explore the purpose of the healing ministry, the practical applications for Christians in today's world, and be granted personal ministry and individual prayer.
The team bases their approach on the example given by Jesus Christ when he welcomed people, taught them about God, and offered healing to those in need.
Ellel Ministries centers are located throughout the world, with major centers located in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the United States.