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What is the Purpose of Life in Christianity?

Urvashi Pokharna Mar 18, 2020
Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your life on this planet? If you did, we maybe sailing in the same boat. So, hold my hand and let's delve deeper in to this thought and find the purpose of life and our existence on this planet, in consonance with Christianity.
"I want to find my Prince Charming who will sweep me off my feet".
"I want a big luxurious house in the countryside".
"I want to become the richest man I know".
"I want my wife to respect me and understand me more".
"I want my boss to reward my hard work and efforts".
"I want my best mate to stop emotionally harassing me".
Is that what you live for? Is that the quest you have been living every moment of your life to achieve? Is the purpose of your life so shallow that you do not see beyond "what I should have" than "what I must do"?
Many of us are blinded by the ebb and flow of modern-day living that has changed our perception of the meaning of life and unsurprisingly, misconstrue its purpose. Call it delusion.
It is painful how we have distorted our religious teachings, meant to show us the path to light. Our understanding of the purpose of life is subconsciously influenced upon our religious teachings whether you may or may not accept it. Even an atheist derives this meaning from what he sees in the society, that was founded on the basis of religious teachings.
Everything around us has a purpose, so how could the kindest gift of all, the gift of life, not have a purpose and remain meaningless to wander? The purpose is not to achieve materialistic assets for they have been created by God. He made this world beautiful so we may live happily in it.
When Adam and Eve were sent on Earth to enjoy its fruits, there was nothing to run after and these gifts were meant to be shared by all. Then, why now have we become so distracted by materialism that will give the happiness of a moment that will never last forever.
Instead, if you viewed them as man's accomplishment to make life easier and help us make others lives better, you may realize the true meaning of life in Christianity. If you choose to be ignorant now, you may forever live in the dark.
God formed us, Sin deformed us, Christ transforms us.
Do you pray to God for things that you do not have or do you pray to him for the things that you do have in your life? Gratitude was not taught by the Lord, it was taught by a man to another to appreciate the valuable gifts in life.

Purpose of Life in Christianity

If you think your true calling in life is to do what you love and get what you love, think again. Christianity does not preach of not to be happy.
It does, it wants the happiness to radiate from your soul. It tells you to forgive for your hands are not the cleanest. In Christianity, the purpose of life is 'love'. Isn't this what Jesus came to Earth to teach us? He loved everyone equally and unconditionally.
So, how can you regard yourself above God and put conditions for your love on another being. Is love that shallow to you?
We all came alone to this place, stark naked and owned nothing. All that you had was the ability to love your brothers and sisters. Everything is made of by energy, even your soul. Love is the key to perfecting that energy and moving on to a higher dimension.
The meaning of your life is to be a candle, burn and spread light around you till you exhaust. Bible is a sacred documentation of God's teachings. Christianity is a faith named by man. God did not create them.
It is sad to watch how they have been misused time and again to gain the sympathy of innocent people, discriminate among everyone and attempt to taint them. Christianity has been labeled as a religion by man, but a true Christian will tell you that it is your faith in God.
The purpose is to be true to yourself and listen to your inner voice because only then would you be able to open the doors of your heart and truly accept Jesus and follow his teachings. He will guide you through this life and many lives after this one.
You will realize that the purpose of the life that you call yours was given by someone else and so you do not have the right to be selfish enough to call it yours. It was meant to be shared with others.
We are all reflections of each other. Your understanding of God is equally proportionate with your willingness to accept all. Jesus sacrificed his life so our sins may be forgiven by God and we may get another chance to realize this beautiful world that we inhabit.
If you do not agree with anything so far, try this- today, when you walk down the street, grab a cup of coffee or are doing anything else in the world, look at any person you don't know and smile.
Flash a smile that is genuine and heartfelt. Thank someone today. It could be the waitress who just brought you your coffee or the doorman who opens the door for you. Tell me if it doesn't make you feel like a better human being or at least reciprocate the happiness that your compassion and gratitude brought to someone who did not even expect it.
As true Christians, we must do justice to the faith of God in us. God has created all of us to be special. Humans may have the prerogative over other living species to express as well as enjoy the gifts of nature. Should we not give something back?
The purpose of Christianity is not to avoid difficulty, but to produce a character adequate to meet it when it comes.
It does not make life easy; rather it tries to make us great enough for life.
- James L. Christensen
Lets all open our hearts out, realize and pursue the purpose of life.