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Why Should We Attend Sunday School?

Manali Oak Feb 20, 2020
What is the purpose of Sunday school? Why should we attend it? Read on to find the answers.
Sunday schools are a part of the system of education that believes in imparting religious education to its students. Sunday schools instill in the minds of their students, the principles of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Why do you think should we attend the Sunday school? They not only aim at achieving a qualitative investment of free time but also promote the spread of Christianity. 
They are not just meant to engage children on a holiday. They induce people to follow the path of virtue. They have a noble purpose and a high motive. They aim at spreading the principles of Jesus Christ and impart to the common masses what He had to say.
They aim at communicating to the masses what Christianity says. Sunday schools' purpose was bringing about a reform in society. We should attend Sunday school to contribute to the noble cause of spreading principles of God.
Sunday schools inculcate the principles of social service. We should be a part of these to know their mission of social service. It's important for young minds to be nurtured and a great way to bring about this is to attend Sunday school.
These schools aim at instilling in the minds of students, a positive attitude of looking towards life. Their main aim is to bring about spiritual growth of their students. Attending Sunday school gives us an opportunity to be a part of this process of growth and development.
Sunday schools are often seen facing problems like lack of money, space, and support from local authorities. A lack of concern towards the motives of these schools results in a decrease in the number of people attending them.
One of the major shortfalls of Sunday schools is the lack of proper training for the teachers and workers in these schools. A growing response of the young generation is important in order to bring developments in this system of education.
It is essential for us to understand that the primary purpose of Sunday schools is the achievement of spiritual growth. We should attend it in order to be able to promote the spread of religious principles and good values.
Attending a Sunday school helps us grow spiritually while also giving us an opportunity to be a part of their mission dedicated to the spread of Christianity.
A Sunday school serves as the means for a large number of people to come together for a common cause. They bring together different sections of society in pursuit of a common goal.
In this way, they unite people from different sectors of society irrespective of their financial or educational backgrounds. People of different age groups get a platform to collaborate their efforts towards the realization of a common goal.
Attending a Sunday school is an excellent way to make our small contribution towards the spread of God's principles. It can pave for us a path that takes us close to the supreme power and helps us realize our inner strength.